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Hello guys,today i want make competition:Vote for Diamonds!
What you need to do?
Click button "Vote" and Make Vote.(You can vote every 24 hours)
Our Winner will get,
1.Vip,32 diamonds,100,000 Money In Game,fly for 1 day,10 Emerald.
2.16 diamonds 50,000 money in game,5 Emerald.
3.10 Diamonds 25,000 money in game,2 Emerald.
Our Competition will start in:13 October.
Our Competition will end in:13 November.
If you have questions or find glitch then skype with me.(My skype skilet122)

What happened?

[Owner] AztecGaming22 CoOwner posted Oct 4, 14
As of 6:20pm CENTRAL TIME to 6:45 CENTRAL TIME Lifecraft was hacked and griefed.
The admins are doing as much as they can to fix the situation and get the server back up and running.
If you were banned or know what happened,  please comment on this post as you will be rewarded for honesty
Thanks for being patient, and expect the server to be up within 15 minutes from the time of this posting
[Member] awesomeness719 I hope everything is okay, if you need any help let me know and I will do my best to join in.
[Member] losness I was on at the time, a guy used a force op client, he then opped his friend, and they proceeded to ban every member tha ...
[Member] XDManHDX If my builds are lost, then fuck this
Hello guys,Today we did make MobArena!
To join MobArena type /ma join Arena
There Screenshoots from MobArena.

Hello guys,Lifecraft server working
1 week,and maximum players was 35.
If you have any ideas what we should
build or add then type in our forum.
But if you find bug or glitch in server
then contact with me in skype skilet122.
Have Fun!

About Donate

[Owner] skilet12 posted Sep 25, 14
Hello guys,
If you in old lifecraft donated,you can return your donation rank.
You can contact with me in skype,or in enjin.
My skype skilet122.
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!
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