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Server MobArena!

[Owner] skilet12 a posted Sun at 13:18
Hello guys,Today we did make MobArena!
To join MobArena type /ma join Arena
There Screenshoots from MobArena.

Server works 1 week!

[Owner] skilet12 a posted Fri at 15:50
Hello guys,Lifecraft server working
1 week,and maximum players was 35.
If you have any ideas what we should
build or add then type in our forum.
But if you find bug or glitch in server
then contact with me in skype skilet122.
Have Fun!

About Donate

[Owner] skilet12 a posted Thu at 13:49
Hello guys,
If you in old lifecraft donated,you can return your donation rank.
You can contact with me in skype,or in enjin.
My skype skilet122.

Server Opened

[Owner] skilet12 a posted Thu at 10:36
Hello guys,today i open the lifecraft server!
The ip
Server is 24/7 60 slots and has plugin Faction
If you found bugs or glitches,type in forum
Have Fun in lifecraft server!
Hello guys,today i want to tell you about,
what i restoring lifecraft server!
The next week server will work again.
If somebody want to contact wich me,
please add me in skype(skilet122) or in enjin.

Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!
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